Lee is the "Best Las Vegas DJ"

To understand the history of Lee and A-1 DJ Entertainment, you must first head to San Luis Obispo, one of the richest areas in California. A world-famous Radio/Mobile DJ and his wife were living there. One day they decided to make a move to Vegas, as afterall it was the "Entertainment and Wedding Capital of the World." They opened up A-1 DJ Entertainment in 1991 and due to their decades of experience in both DJ and Photography/Video they instantly became one of the top DJ companies in town!

In fact, they became so busy they needed a second DJ to help out. After a few months seeking the perfect candidate, it was Lee, with his love for music and passion for technology and making his own remixes of songs that landed him the job. At only 17, Lee was now being personally trained by a Mobile DJ of 60+ years! Hundreds of events later, in the beginning of 2003, the original Owner of A-1 and his wife, decided to retire for good, selling the entire company to Lee.

From 2003 until 2010, Lee worked with his DJ company as his main job, along with a few side gigs he did to help some friends of his out. However with the rise of the College DJ, thanks to the recession, and the then President saying "Don't go to Vegas to hold your conventions or to Get Married" - Lee had no choice but to flip his entire life around and make DJ the side gig for the first time ever 🙁

From 2011 until 2021 Lee Kept his company alive, and always had the urge to one day take it back to it's glory days where he was DJ-ing several gigs a week! Well, thanks to the recession/covid, and loss of all his DJ Gigs and other Employment, Lee has decided the time has come! Once this pandemic goes away and we return to normal, along with the newly expanded convention center and Circa as well as Resorts World Casinos opening up, Lee and ALL the Vegas Industry Experts foresee a record few years of tourism, and of course, Weddings, Conventions and Other Events as well. Based on this Lee has spent the most of 2020 and the first half of 2021 totally reviving his DJ company to again be the BEST in Las Vegas!

He has a totally redesigned custom website he coded himself that he is still working on as we speak. He has also fully upgraded his entire sound and lighting system and now has a FULL uplighting package, cold spark machines, club-grade laser lights, fog machines, bubble machines and much more. From a simple Meeting to a full on Rave, Lee has more than enough equipment to handle any event, with any amount of people from 5 to 5,000 and held in at any location, even remote locations with no power. Lee has portable power ready to go wherever you go. Below is a small list of just a few of the things Lee has done since March of 2020, and he is still improving his company and website as we speak. Be rest assured, with over 1,500 events under his belt, when you hire Lee, you are literally hiring the "Best Las Vegas DJ"


Why Hire Lee vs other companies?

Incase you were wondering why you should hire Lee and A-1 DJ Entertainment instead of another DJ company, we have a few of the main reasons below... If you have more questions feel free to visit the "F.A.Q" or "Contact Us" pages for more information and/or to send Lee an e-mail or get his phone number and text/call him 24/7/365.


Service second to none

Lee has the BEST service in town! He does not hire 10 on-call DJ's whom all have other jobs. Lee is the ONLY DJ here at A-1, and has been a DJ since 1997. He has done OVER 1,500 events since then (and counting)


No nickel and Dime charges

Other DJ's love to charge extra for them to drive to your event, or set-up their equipment? Why? Isn't this a part of their job no matter the event? Lee will never nickel and dime you with extra charges. Cheers!


Big events don't cost more

Another sham is when a DJ says "Your event is bigger so I charge more." Lee's pricing is based on the level of sound and lighting he brings to your event not the amount of people! His main system is adjustable and works for events from 50-500 people.


Only the Best for YOU

Lee is in the process of upgrading his gear this year (2021) and is only buying the "Best of the Best" in sound, lighting and special effects equipment to ensure that not just him, but his equipment is the Best in Las Vegas.


Special Effects & Lighting

Lee is also investing over $25k in special effects like Cold Spark Machines, Laser Lighting, Up Lights and much more, so you can have all the extra cool effects available for your Wedding or Event.


Hire LEE, Get LEE

Seems like a no-brainer but the bait-and-switch is alive and well at many a company! Feel confident if meeting before your event you will meet with LEE, and if you call A-1 you will speak with LEE and it is LEE who will show up as the DJ on the day of your event!

Below, find a funny, but accurate, depiction of the different types of a Mobile DJ you can hire for your event. Enjoy 🙂