Are You Open and what is going on with Covid-19?

YES, we are open 24/7/365, and we ARE booking summer 2021 gigs and beyond.  Please call or e-mail us to reserve your date.  As far as Covid goes, June 1, 2021 we expect the state to return to a somewhat “normal” with only a few things remaining such as mask wearing.  We are following the Governor’s Rules and will update here as needed.  Also keep in mind IF your event is canceled due to a Covid-19 Related issue, we will give you back a FULL refund, to include the normally “Non-Refundable” deposit

Are You Licensed and Insured?

YES!  WE are not only licensed in the area where our offices are located (Clark County, NV) but we also have FULL Licenses in the other 5 areas of Southern Nevada as well.  (Mesquite, Boulder City, North Las Vegas, City of Las Vegas, Henderson) – And then there’s the State of Nevada Business License too – we have that as well.  Within the next few weeks we will be adding pictures of ALL our CURRENT Licenses and also a picture of our DJ Company Insurance.  We also belong to many Hospitality/Entertainment/DJ Industry Organizations and Groups as seen in the “About Us” Page.

What Types of Events do you DJ for and Where can you DJ?

Because Vegas is the Wedding & Entertainment & Convention Capital of the WORLD, he does Specialize in Weddings and also does a lot of Conventions as well.  However, Lee does provide Professional DJ Services for ANY kind of event both Private and Corporate.  There is nothing he cannot or will not DJ for.  Big or small, indoors or out.  He will travel as needed for ANY gig, anywhere!

How long have you been in business, and How many events have you done?

We opened in 1991.  Lee started with A-1 in 1997 and took Ownership in 2003.  Lee has been a DJ for OVER 1,500 Events and has decades of experience!  This is just one of the many reasons he is known as the “BEST Las Vegas DJ”

Do you charge extra fees like Setup and Trip fees?

NEVER!  Buyer Beware DJ’s who charge this are just nickel and diming you.  Think of it this way… Do you pay the Minister an extra fee for arriving at the Chapel? Do you pay the catering company an extra fee for transporting and then for cooking the food?  NO!  So why would you pay a DJ a “Trip” fee or “Setup” fee?  Traveling to you, setting up our gear, and then tearing it down and going home is A PART OF OUR JOB!  Lee would never charge you extra for doing his job!  The ONLYU exception to this is when Lee has to travel over 50 miles one way to get to your event.  There is a small trip fee THEN ONLY!

How many people are your prices good for? And does pricing vary by event?

Another Nickel and Dime tactic of DJ’s is to charge more based on the amount of people attending your event!  Lee never does this, he ONLY charges you based on the package/equipment you choose for your event!  His speakers can work for events of 50 to 500 people and if over 500, he can easily bring extra speakers and have them setup in 15 minutes!  He would never charge you more for more people… And he does not get a DJ whom does?  We are providing the SAME service to you no matter the size of the event!  The same idea goes for the TYPE of event!  Whether Lee is DJ for a Wedding or a Holiday Party, he usually brings the same equipment and again, still provides the same DJ Services he always does, so therefore the pricing is very similar on most all events and is only higher for events like Weddings or such with more going on.

Do you offer extra services such as Karaoke or Video DJ-ing or Rave/Club-Style DJ-ing?

Yes!  We do have a FULL Professional Karaoke Setup and also do have 10’s of thousands of Music Videos as well.  We can also provide specialized club lighting, lasers, cold-spark machines, fog machines, bubble machines and more to create that true “Vegas Club/Rave Scene” should you want!

Do you offer a Guarantee on your services?

YES!  We offer a no questions asked money back guarantee on ALL our DJ Services.  However it is our goal to never have to use this.  Lee is Passionate about his job and knows by DJ-ing for you he will be changing your life for the better and creating memories that will last a lifetime!  With that in mind he would never want to mess that up as even with a full refund, the damage emotionally and mentally cannot ever be undone.  You are more than a number to Lee.  More than just a client.  You are a part of his A-1 Family that will look back 20 years from now and be happy you hired him as your DJ of choice. 

Why do most of your event packages have only one time option?

We like to call this… “The TIME Factor” – and we will have an entire page on this in the future as we update our website more.  The idea is, that after over 1,500 Events Lee has seen it all, and done it all.  He knows the optimal time you NEED to have a successful and stress-free event that does not seem rushed nor dragged out.  So for that reason, he only offers one “standard” time option that is the norm for most of the DJ Packages he offers (Weddings, Parties and such – other events such as Conventions he customizes the time needed based on how long the event is)  For the standard times on some of Lee’s packages, if you want less time or should you need more time than what is listed, no worries… Lee has your back!  Even on the day-of, should you want more time he can add time on without hassle.  Think of it this way, for Instance, at a Wedding a GOOD DJ will provide enough time for you to get all the normal stuff done (Such as Cocktail Hour, Dinner, Cake, Special Dances, Toast etc etc) AND still have time for a nice dance party at the end.  Often times tho, you will find that Lee’s base time is a longer time than most reception halls and other cheaper DJ’s provide by default.  Time is money, and the sooner the reception hall gets you out, the sooner they can have another paying event come in or send their staff home.  And as for DJ’s the sooner we get done, the sooner we can go back home and relax.  Lee is not worried about the next event or the reception hall’s profits, nor is he worried on when he can go home.  His ONLY worry is making your event or Wedding the BEST it can be!  This is why he provides the standard times he does on his normal DJ packages, and should you want or need less/more time, as stated above, he can do that without any issues, even on the day-of!

Is it really worth it to hire you or could I hire a cheap DJ and still get music at my event?

I would hope everything listed in the FAQ and my decades of Experience and BEST Service and BEST Equipment speaks for itself…..  But I do get asked at times how is it that some companies are so dang cheap, and others higher, when all we do is play music.

The answer to this is simple.  You get what you pay for.  If you want a low-class DJ with shoddy sounding cheap Lower brand Amazon bought equipment, go for it.  I can find 2 speakers and 2 subwoofers for $500 online.  For reference tho just ONE of my speakers cost several thousands of $ and came from a reputable DJ Company Dealer that specializes in DJ Equipment only.  My microphones are wireless and have a super-long extended range.  My speakers are wireless too meaning no wires to tape all over the floors that look fugly or cause a tripping hazard.  And my lighting is also the “Best of the Best” because I feel you only deserve the best for your event.

Then there’s the actual DJ service.  Like being the Master of Ceremonies at a Wedding.  I know for a fact many DJ’s are not half as good at this nor do they do half of what I do during your special day or night.  

Not to mention my music library, now digital, was hand-converted from the original CD’s/DVD’s of music at 320 KB quality.  This means my music sounds over 3x as good as the music heard on a regular Radio or Stereo.  Plus, I have over 100,000 songs as well.  (And Counting as I add new songs from my Music Pool Services monthly) – so you can trust I will have your song and not have to “Youtube” it and hope it sounds good and has no commercials.  

So keep in mind when looking for a DJ as the infographic shows on my home page, (and is very true BTW) For a Wedding Let’s say….. Over 95% of your budget is spent elsewhere than me, meaning, I am only 5% of the cost of your Special day, but years later when everyone thinks of the Wedding, like at an Anniversary Party, MORE people will remember the ENTERTAINMENT of the night, moreso than anything else – even more than the food and cake and Wedding dress or venue…. I am here to make smiles and memories that last a lifetime… GOOD Memories not ones out of regret for hiring someone cheaper!